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Residential Services

Spring Services 2021

With warmer weather on the way we are on track for an April start to our landscape season. Enjoy weekly or biweekly visits all season long with our popular lawn mowing or lawn and garden care services. Both include spring and fall cleanups with no long term commitment.

Prefer to hire us for a single visit billed hourly? Not a problem, we’re now booking spring cleanups.

Weekly Lawn Mowing Plans

Our weekly or biweekly lawn mowing plans run from April through November and include your spring and fall cleanups at no additional charge.

Semis &

From $120/mo


From $140/mo

Detached Homes

From $170/mo

Prices above are examples only. All pricing is customized to your individual home after you request a quote from us. All prices subject to HST.

What's included in a lawn mowing visit?

Weekly lawn mowing

Lawn will be cut with freshly sharpened blades

Edge trimming

Line trim of the borders of your lawn where it meets walkways, gardens or obstacles

Debris cleanup

A full debris cleanup of your property including curb lines

What's included in spring & fall cleanups?

Debris cleanup

Cleanup of winter debris from all lawn areas and paved surfaces (like your curb lines, driveway, patios, walkways and deck)

Debris bagging

All debris is left neatly bagged for collection by municipality

Gardening Services



Sculpting of bed edges

Sculpting of bed edges



Tree trimming

Tree trimming

Flower planting

Flower planting

Shrub planting

Shrub planting



Soil services

Soil services

Why choose Twin Oaks for your York Region property?

Simple Monthly Invoicing

Simple email invoicing with easy payment by online payment, e-transfer or credit card

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Spring and fall cleanups are included at no additional charge

Available Fertilizer & Weed Control

Optional lawn fertilizer and weed control add-ons

Your Local Team

We're not a franchise — we grew up, live, and work in our service area. Support local!

No Commitment

Month-to-month invoicing with no long term commitment — cancel service at any time if you aren’t completely satisfied with our work

Five Star Customer Service

We have a full time team that quickly responds to concerns and requests

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is, “How often should I mow my lawn?” Setting a monthly schedule to cut your grass isn’t the best kind of approach one can take. Grass continually grows at different speeds throughout the year. Weather, along with the amount of water, nutrients, and treatments it receives plays a big part in its growth. The more important question to ponder is how long should one’s grass be before cutting it.

This is a matter of opinion and/or preference but at Twin Oaks Property Services, we get the best results from using this approach:

  • For the first mowing of the season, we set our lawnmower blade 2 ¼ inches from the ground which helps remove debris and particles that were left behind from the fall and winter. This will get the grass off to a good start for the summer.
  • During the rest of the season, we mow the lawn with the lawn mower blade 3 ¼ inches from the ground (unless requested otherwise by the customer). This puts the grass at a good length for the sun and water to penetrate the roots.
  • When the grass reaches a height of approximately 3 ¾ inches we cut it again, mulching off the top third to get it back to the 2 ½ inch length. We mulch our mowing by default, however, we will bag the grass based on a customer’s request… but why do we mulch in the first place?

Mulching is very effective for the environment and the overall health of a lawn. It provides nitrogen, adds nutrients, preserves moisture and improves the condition of the soil. The only time we suggest bagging grass is if it contracts a disease or grows longer than 5 inches before it’s mowed. Mulching a lawn with a disease will spread it throughout the yard resulting in more problems and mulching overgrown grass can cause clumps which blocks sun and water from reaching those parts of the lawn causing the grass to die.

We keep our mowing consistent to the measurements and condition of the grass blades which results in a healthy green lawn.

Lawns face a variety of problems and diseases throughout the year such as brown patch, powdery mildew, red thread, snow mold and more. A clean and well-maintained lawn will drastically reduce these potential issues. If the slim chance occurs that one of these problems arises with a healthy lawn, it will recover much quicker and easier than that of an unhealthy and neglected one.

Many people don’t realize it but mowing your grass provides a lot more benefits than you would think. It creates a healthy environment that helps control erosion & runoff, purifies water, improves air quality, cuts cooling costs, and makes your patio or deck experience much more enjoyable. Allowing grass to get equal exposure to sun and water helps the overall health and look of your lawn. Most importantly, a healthy yard combats pollen, smoke, dust particles and ticks and fleas which helps improves one’s overall health.

If you’re looking to grow a lush, green lawn that your neighbours will envy, then our lawn mowing services are the way to go. Freshly cut grass enhances the overall look and personality of your landscape which increases curb appeal adding value to your home. Let us convert your mind-numbing lawn into a mind-blowing one!

We invoice on the first day of every month. Invoices arrive by email, and can be paid online with your Visa, Mastercard, or cash.

We also accept payment by email money transfer to twinoaksps@gmail.com (it’s set up for automatic deposit, so no passwords are required), or by cheque made out to Twin Oaks Property Services Inc.

Yes, you can cancel your services at any time. You are only responsible for the pro-rated cost of the services you’ve already used. If you have paid in full for a month, and cancel half way through, we will automatically refund your balance.

Snow Removal Services 2021

Heavy snow is no stranger to our Ontario winters. Though a good snow covering is welcomed by the likes of snowmobilers, skiers, hikers, hunters, and children, it’s an inconvenience for homeowners with driveways and walkways.

Most of us can agree that snow removal isn’t one of the most dazzling household chores, especially in -40° weather but it’s a lot more important than one would think.

Snow removal

The Importance of Shovelling and Clearing Snow from Your Driveway

As a homeowner, it’s essential to know what your responsibilities are when it comes to keeping your driveway and walkways clear. Refraining from snow removal can result in serious problems so it needs to be made a priority and here are a few reasons why: 

  • A snow-covered, slippery driveway or walkway can result in liability issues if a visitor to your property (invited or non-invited) slips and falls, resulting in an injury.
  • Allowing snow to pile up on your driveway will expose the undercarriage of your vehicle to a higher level of moisture and de-icing agents which can result in corrosion and rust.
  • As snow begins to melt in the spring it finds its way into cracks and crevices. If the temperature cools down and the water freezes again it can expand and widen the cracks in your driveway and walkways causing extensive damage.

Monthly Snow Removal Plan

From $160/mo

Prices above are examples only. All pricing is customized to your individual home after you request a quote from us. All prices subject to HST.

What's included in a snow removal visit?

Unlimited snow removal

For every snowfall over 4 cm (1.5 inches)

Six hour guarantee

Service guaranteed within six hours of the snowfall ending

Repeat visits

Repeat service visits made during storms — driveway and walkways will always be left clean

Front steps & front walkway

Front steps and front walkway are always included

Salt or ice melter

Salt or ice melter available as add on